First All Women Self-Help Group Formed in Bidar

In 2017, USIPI along with its partner institute CRDDP began implementing its District Development Project on the ground in five districts in the states of Karnataka, Maharshatra and Telangana. Considerable progress has been made in these districts and our coordinators are now enrolling families into Self-Help Groups (SHG). 

The project reached a major milestone when the first All-women Self Help Group was formed in Bidar district. Twenty women in Basavakalyan held a meeting at the house of Shahdia Begum and agreed to establish a Self-Help Group. The group has opened a bank account in the Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank and are now in the process of applying for assistance through the government's SHG Scheme. If approved, the group will receive an interest-free loan of upto Rs.200,000 from the government to invest in an income generating micro enterprise. Our local coordinators will continue to train and mentor the Self Help Group through the various stages of their venture. 
Self-Help Group
Field Visits and Grassroots Meetings Enable Families
To Participation In The District Development Project
Similar SHG's are being formed in other districts as well.  USIPI and CRDDP's SHG initiative holds the promise of lifting out of poverty those families that are subsisting below the poverty line (BPL). Through training the SHGs will be enabled to become small business entrepreneurs, stand on their two feet and become self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Online Information Centers 
Through our surveys and field visits, we have found that eligible families are not benefiting from the various poverty alleviation programs run by the government. The families either lacked the knowledge of these programs, or the skills and sophistication to access them. In many cases, the families lacked the basic documentation needed to apply. The district development project aims at filling that gap by training local activists to facilitate the documentation and application process. To further facilitate community access, On-Line Information (OIC) centers will be established. Nearly total absence of such facilities and lack of awareness of the programs have resulted in poor enrollment in the programs. 

With your support USIPI will continue its research and grassroots work and succeed in creating models of success in alleviating poverty.

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