USIPI Scholars Provide Empirical Support To Telangana Government's Sudhir Commission

 Report On Socio Economic Conditions Submitted to Telangana Chief Minister

On August 12, 2016 the Sudhir Commission established to study the socio economic and educational conditions of the Muslim community presented its final report with recommendations to the Chief Minister of Telangana, K. Chandrashekar Rao. 
USIPI provided empirical support to the committee using the data and methodology from its District Development and Diversity Index project. USIPI is pleased that the research it undertook in the last few years was a crucial component of this report.  

 Telangana Sudhir Comission Report
Commission on Socio Economic Conditions of Muslims 
The final report with recommendations was presented to Chief Minister of Telangana on Aug 12, 2016
The Commission of Enquiry, headed by retired IAS officer G. Sudhir, was constituted in March 2015, to study the socio-economic and educational conditions of Muslims in the state of Telangana and to advise  the government to formulate policies for the upliftment of Muslims and to bring them on par with other sections of society. 
The government of Telangana had nominated two economists to the commission, Dr Amirullah Khan, development economist and visiting faculty at Indian School of Business, and Dr Abdul Shaban, Professor and Deputy Director at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai). Both Dr. Amirullah and Prof. Shaban are Distinguished Scholars with the US India Policy Institute (USIPI), Washington, DC. 
USIPI is looking forward for the government of Telangana to make the full report available to the public. This will most certainly generate robust discussion and lead to policy outcomes that will improve the socio-economic situation of the poor and vulnerable sections of the state, including Muslims.
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