Briefing to Vice President of India and Release of Book on Institutionalizing Constitutional Rights

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USIPI Chief Scholar, Dr.Abusaleh Shariff briefing the Vice President of India, Mr.Hamid Ansari with highlights from the book,"Institutionalizing Constitutional Rights", May 20, 2016.

The book, Institutionalizing Constitutional Rights: Post-Sachar Committee Scenario is the result of four years of Human Development Research by US India Policy Institute and Chief Scholar, Dr. Abusaleh Shariff. It makes a critical assessment of the impact of many pro-poor and inclusive policies, bridging the gaps in empirical measurements and analytical documentation, and making them accessible to the public at large. 

The political discourse in India experienced a fundamental shift when the Sachar Committee Report revealed that despite the national and state governments’ minority development policies and programmes, the Muslim community was among the most deprived and backward, worse off than the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, in most of the outcome indicators. Many new pro-poor and inclusive policies were introduced as a response to the recommendations of the report.

The book recommends policies and institutions required for ensuring the constitutional right to equal opportunity for all Indian citizens, especially minorities, such as setting up of an Equal Opportunity Commission and systematically computing a diversity index to improve the process of assimilation of the deprived groups, including the minorities, into the national mainstream.

The Vice President said, " is an important work of research and analysis, aimed at increasing socio-economic inclusion and participatory decision-making at grassroots level." 

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 Vice President of India Mr.Hamid Ansari Releasing the Book in New Delhi on May 20, 2016





The only critical analysis of central and state government’s policy response to the Sachar Committee Report from a professional viewpoint.

Identifies policies and institutions required for ensuring the equality of opportunity for all Indian citizens specially minorities.

Focuses on the Muslim community making recommendations for more inclusive development and improving the process to bring them into the national mainstream.




Published by Oxford University Press in April 2016


In US and around the world, you can purchase the book here.

In India, you can purchase the book here.


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