Human Development and Government Policy in India - Saturday Nov 1st in Baltimore, MD (Prof. Amitabh Kundu)

Human Development and Government Policy in India 

Dr. Amitabh Kundu is an economist, demographer and an authority on urbanization, migration patterns and labor markets in South Asia. Dr. Kundu is the chairman of a 'Post-Sachar Evaluation Committee (PSEC)' established by the Government of India in August 2013. He worked as Professor of Economics at the Centre for the Study of Regional Development for over 35 years and also served Dean of the School of Social Sciences at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He was Senior Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and he is a visiting Professor at several international universities. He has about twenty five books and two hundred research articles, published in India and abroad.

Dr. Kundu is the chairman of a 'Post-Sachar Evaluation Committee (PSEC)' established by the Government of India in September 2013. The Committee consisting of 9 experts 5 of whom are USIPI Patrons and Scholars, has completed its analysis and submitted final report along with recommendations to the Government of India this month. The report is not released publicly yet, Prof. Kundu will share its excerpts and recommendations.

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For the past 3 years, USIPI has been diligently making policy recommendations based on high quality human development research and some of these efforts are coming to fruition now.

USIPI also provided opportunity for awareness and discourse through lectures and seminars around the topics of Development of the poor and vulnerable communities in India.

We are excited to present this opportunity and hope to provide more in future!

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