District Development and Diversity Index (DDDIx) Report for India and Major States

DDDIx Release 01

The Vice President of India Shri M. Hamid Ansari released the ‘District Development and Diversity Index Report for India and Major States’ brought out by US India Policy Institute and Center for Research and Debates in Development Policy under Dr. Abu Saleh Shariff.


The Vice President said, "This Report is an important work of research and analysis, aimed at increasing socio-economic inclusion and participatory decision-making at grassroots level. This exercise aims at assessing and computing the levels of development and equity of access to that development for each district in the country and it will prove to be an effective tool for all stakeholders. He called upon them to quantify the need for equal opportunity."


DDDIx is a pioneering effort of the CRDDP and USIPI that is an important tool for assessment of grassroots level realities of development, through creating indices for easy comparison at a more granular District level. The comprehensive analysis also adds the dimension of diversity to district development estimates that compares as to how each socio-religious community is placed in  a relative context.  Such social comparisons of development is the first of its kind at the level of the district.

The Report can be accessed at the link below.

Download the DDDIx Report here




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